10 of pop culture’s most famous lottery winners

Pooling for lottery tickets with your closest friends seems like a great idea — just imagine the Dinosaur/Amelia Earhart theme park you could build! — until competitive natures and unruly pigeons swoop in with catastrophic results. On the hit NBC sitcom, Monica’s (Courteney Cox) greed leads Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) to threaten to toss the bowl of tickets over the balcony, but when a bird scares her, she ends up accidentally dropping them for real. Luckily, the gang still wins… $3. Less luckily, a stranger finds one of their lost tickets on the street and takes home $10,000. But hey, friendship is more important that money, right? Monica has other ideas: “I’ll buy new friends, and then I’ll pay for their plastic surgery so they look just like you!”

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